Foreign Orders

Ordering Information:
To place an order, you may use Fax or email.
We need item number and shipping address, phone number, Fax number or email address.
Use the Fax order form and Fax us at 81-73-477-1535.
In the US customers, Please send us your Green and Yellow label.

Shipping and Handling Charge
We ship only via EMS mail.
We will contact you with a quotation.  Please note that shipping charges depend on how you would like your order sent.

C.I.T.E.S. Restricted Plants:
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has produced a list of plants that are illegal to send out of the country unless accompanied by a CITES permit.At this time, we cannot ship CITES listed plants out of the country.

Phytosanitary Certificate:
if your country requires a Phytosanitary Certificate to accompany shipment you must make this known to us and include an extra 5,000Yen to the total for your order.

We accept only Bank wire transfer.

Please make the payment into the following account.
We'd like to ask you to cover the payment fees.

Our Bank information:
Bank name: Kiyo Bank Miyakita Branch
Bank address: 185-3 Kuroda Wakayama 640-8341 Japan
Bank phone:073-471-2222
Bank code: KIYOJPJT
Account Number: Saving 485662
Account Name: Masaki Nishi

1125 Kamimike Wakayama, 649-6262 Japan
TEL: 81-73-477-1233  FAX: 81-73-477-1535

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